Breakfast Ideas for Children

Here’s a new addition to the ever growing recipe guide “2012 Breakfast Ideas for Children V3” – Ham & Cheese Waffles. I’m on a mission to stamp out all excuses for not making our kids a nutritionally balanced meal with these quick and easy ideas. Each recipe includes protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats for a full tank of premium fuel to start their day. Grandparents, keep this list handy for when the grand kids come over. They might even enjoy helping prepare their meal.

Here’s another idea….why not try these adult-friendly recipes for yourself? Although I love my protein shakes for breakfast I do like a change every now and then. Most of these recipes can be fully prepared the night before to save you time in morning. Got some breakfast favorites you’d like to share? Please post them and they might find their way in to a book some day!

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  1. Posted by Deb G on February 29, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Yummy alternatives to my favorite meal – people need to remember breakfast does not need to be breakfast food – there is a world of things to eat that are not cereal and milk or eggs. Get creative if you are not a breakfast person so you start your day off with something for your stomach to work on – the whole idea is to “break the fast” of not having anything to eat since the night before and I’ve read that not eating breakfast can lead to weight gain and slowing of metabolism, not sure how true that is but it makes some sense that you need to give your body some energy to start the day.


  2. You are right about skipping breakfast leading to weight gain and a slower metabolism. The body senses a state of starvation when we go too long without food and will slow down somewhat to conserve resources. The body is also inclined to take what food comes next and sock it in to fat storage to ride out anticipated tough times ahead. A little dramatic, but the point is – skipping meals is not a good weight loss strategy. Better to eat smaller meals more frequently to assure the body a steady stream of fuel is available.


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