USDA Recalls – What You Should Know

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), provides updates to the public about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products. This includes manufactured or processed goods made for consumption such as food, medications, medical supplies, pet food, and more.

The complexity, quantity, and frequency of recalls are staggering. Because of my business I have been monitoring recalls since 2007 to stay informed on food safety. Some of the incidents are minor such as packaging mistakes, but some can be dangerous for those with severe food allergies or compromised immune systems. Not long ago a children’s gluten-free pasta was recalled due to the possibility of containing whole wheat. For someone with Celiac disease, this product could be life-threatening. While food distributors are quick to pull affected products from the shelves, what about the box in your pantry? What you should know is that there are ongoing incidents every day with common products we all use, and only the most widespread recalls make headline news.

You can register for email notification of alerts and recalls from the FDA, and start or stop notifications at any time. Click here to connect to their website and sign up. See the upper right corner, ‘Subscribe for emails’.

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  1. Posted by Deb G on March 15, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Wow I never thought in terms of not knowing about a recall on food you already have where the information is not widely publicized. Thanks for the link to the website – I’m going there next!


  2. This month Pfizer recalled birth control pills due to missing or out of sequence tablets. Not life threatening but possibly life changing! I didn’t see that in the news but did get a notice from the USDA subscription service. In June of last year Kashi recalled a pizza because of possible plastic fragments in the food, a product I occasionally use. On average I see 24 recalls and alerts each month, most of which don’t apply to me. I’m glad for this free public service for information on the products I do use.


  3. An interesting update yesterday regarding Planter’s Cocktail Peanuts, date code January 2013. They are being recalled because ‘water not intended for food’ was used in the processing. I just bought a can last week and thankfully the date code was December 2012. What could the risk be, for people who bought the January 2013 can? Water not considered ‘potable’, meaning for human consumption, may carry any kind of pathogen including bacteria, parasites, viruses, and otherwise undesirable things. This recall was a little close for comfort!


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