“While my brother and his family were here I fixed the SkilletQuik  Chicken just plain with a dried herb mix. My 5 yr old nephew loved it. He kept saying ‘Aunt Mia you make the best chicken.’ I can’t believe I beat out chicken nuggets.” M.W., Wesley Chapel, FL

“I just wanted to thank you again for the cooking lessons. I use them almost everyday.  My meals are not only tasty they are healthy. My blood work has never been better and I’m off the Statins.”  D. S., St. Petersburg, FL

“How exciting to learn from someone who can explain things so clearly!” B.B., Tampa, FL

“The chicken was perfectly done! – AMAZING!” B.B., Tampa, FL

“I found the concept easy and doubted it, until you proved it to us. I’m a believer now.” M.W., FL

“These concepts have turned out to be real time savers.  I am enjoying making our “diet friendly” meals this way”. C.S., St. Petersburg, FL

“Joy, you made cooking fun, easy, and most of all great tasting food. I was amazed at the flavor of the soup in such a short (cooking) time.  Thank you again!” A.B., Tampa, FL

“I have to tell you…..I finished off the chicken/bean soup for breakfast this morning!  It is so tasty, I just love it.  I had it for dinner Monday night, lunch yesterday, dinner last night and breakfast this morning!!!  I’m disappointed I don’t have any left.” S.H., Tampa, FL

“And by the way…  Bob is eating leftovers!!!  I can’t believe it… He is also looking forward to dinner, not that I was not a good cook but I would cook the same things and they would be basic…  So not only are you teaching me concepts of cooking I am learning how to create plates just like you intended in your book…  LOVE IT!!!!”. D. L., Tampa, FL

I have such a passion for cooking, but like most people I am limited in spices. I sometimes make something and go to the store to buy the required spices but then I never use them again. When I try to use a new recipe I never have the right ingredients. I love how each thing you talk about so far is practical and logical. I cannot wait for your book to come out. What really sets you apart is that not only are you directing us on the recipe but you are helping us understand the actual ingredients!” E.H., age 14, St. Petersburg, FL

“My husband and I enjoyed our cooking lesson so much!  You really packed a great deal into one visit. Thank you for being so organized and prepared and for making the kitchen seem much less daunting a place. ”  J. F., Tampa, FL

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